My “hike into history” – a report

A couple of weekends ago I led my annual “Hike Into History” at Mount Independence.  I like to do this hike AFTER July, when the deer flies have abated somewhat. But this Sunday, as I was leaving home for the 25 minute drive to the Mount, the skies opened up and it began pouring. I thought to myself, “well, this will be a wasted drive.” However, when I pulled into the parking lot at the historic site, I was suprised at the number of cars there. The rain had let up, but it was still drizzling, yet there was a hearty group still eager to accompany me on the walk.

The rain had stopped by the time we got started, but it remained overcast and the warm air was heavy with humidity. This gave me the chance to ask the group to imagine they were the retreating American army on July 6, 1777, a day with weather much like this, but instead of wearing comfortable lightweight clothing, they had on wool uniforms and were each carrying 30 pounds or more of gear as they tried to outrace British and German soldiers chasing them through the steaming woods.

Anyway, the 20 people who joined me for the walk seemed to enjoy themselves and I hope learned something about the importance of Mount Independence in the struggle to establish the American republic.


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