D & H Rail Trail from Castleton to Poultney

At the Poultney start of the D & H Rail Trail.

Amy and I joined our friends Rob and Terri on a bicycle ride from Castleton to Poultney and back again on the Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail, a round trip of about 14 miles. The trail isn’t crowded, but today was busier than I’d ever seen it before, which is probably due to the great weather and holiday weekend. We had breakfast at the Birdseye Diner in Castleton before getting started, and two of us indulged in ice cream cones at the Stewarts in Poultney.

The D & H Rail Trail is a nice two hour round trip between Castleton and Poultney.

The only blight on the ride was once again finding vandalism by ATV riders on the trail bed. ATVs are not allowed on the trail (the only motorized vehicles okayed for use are snowmobiles), but there seems to be some riders who get pleasure digging ruts in the surface by revving their wheels. Today, we witnessed an older couple almost crash their bikes trying to avoid these ruts. It’s just one more reason to hate those air and noise polluting, gas sucking, global warming contributors, that serve no purpose other than providing dumb asses with cheap thrills.

ATV riders seem to take pleasure destroying the trail bed with their foul machines. This is the second time in a month we’ve seen this kind of vandalism.


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