Protesting wind turbines at Hubbardton


The Hubbardton Battlefield Monument

I attended a small gathering today at the Hubbardton Battlefield to protest a proposed wind turbine project for the Pittsford Ridge. If you’ve visited the battlefield, you’ll know that the vista remains largely unchanged from the day the battle took place over 235 years ago.

I am somewhat ambivalent about wind turbines. I recognize the need for them, but I don’t know why they have to be placed where they will dramatically destroy pristine vistas. The Pittsford Ridge project is the perfect example of developers being completely clueless about what it is they are destroying.

Anyway, the purpose of this post isn’t really to go on a rant about this, but to post some nice photographs from the day.

Fife & Drum

The Seth Warner Mount Independence Fife & Drum Corps was on hand to provide period music — with the help of a piper!

Mt Zion

Rustan Swenson, leader of the Corps, with Mount Zion in the background.


Eric regaled the audience with a solo on fife.

Autumn Foliage

Despite the generally gray skies, we did get occasional flashes of sunshine to highlight the brilliant autumn colors we’re still enjoying.





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