Thank you for stopping by. This site is named for the Mount Independence-Hubbardton Military Road, constructed in 1776 by the American army to provide access from the military outpost at Mount Independence to the Crown Point Road, and consequently to the rest of New England. A year later, this was the route of retreat by the Americans from the fortifications at Mount Independence and Fort Ticonderoga as the British army, led by General John Burgoyne, began to surround them. A fierce battle took place as the pursuing British caught up with the American rear guard in Hubbardton.

I worked for two years as caretaker/interpreter at Mount Independence and was married at the Hubbardton Battlefield. I live nearby the route of the old road, so it feels to me the road connects my the stages of my own past, but also the notion of the road connects me to the history of this remarkable region of the northeast.

  1. Stephen Zeoli, We were on your Sunday Aug. 7 tour of Mount Independence and enjoyed the tour. I bought your book and enjoyed reading it. I knew nothing of this history of the early years of the Revolutionary War. I found it all very interesting. You are certainly dedicated to the cause of preserving this history. Thanks, Tom & Mary Dietrich

    • Tom and Mary,

      Thank you very much for the comment, for joining us for the walk and for buying my book. It is very gratifying to help people gain an appreciation for the remarkable history of our region.

      Enjoy the rest of your summer.


  2. Steve, You are welcome. We are from Sarasota, FL and are staying in Killingon for the Summer. Really enjoy learning the history of Vermont. We have seen a lot since June and more to see before we leave in September. Plan to go to the Hubbardton Battle Field on Sun. Aug. 21 and hear Carl Fuller at 1 pm talk about that subject. Tom

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