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Second edition of Mount Independence (the book) now available

The second edition is now available.

The second edition is now available.

It was time to reprint my book about Mount Independence, so I took the opportunity to make a few changes to the text. I removed reference to the British bringing artillery to the top of Mount Defiance as a cause of the American retreat in July 1777, as I no longer believe that was a significant factor in and of itself (although the fact that they were ABLE to get the cannon up there may have been). I added Arthur St. Clair’s assessment of the state of readiness at the twin forts of Ticonderoga and the Mount, as this was a factor in the retreat. I also included a few minor details about the American raid on the Mount in September of ’77.

These felt like substantive enough changes that I should indicate the alterations by calling this the second edition. I changed the cover a little to reflect this.

The book is available at various locations in the area, and will be on sale at the Mount Independence Visitor Center gift shop once that opens on Memorial Day.

If you’d like to order directly from me, send $13 (which includes shipping within the U.S.) to:

Stephen Zeoli
421 Birch Road
Hubbardton, VT  05733


Favorable review in Vermont History

My book, Mount Independence, was reviewed in the Summer/Fall 2012 issue of Vermont History: The Journal of the Vermont Historical Society. The reviewer, I must disclose, is a colleague and a friend, Ennis Duling. He generously writes:

Two times, author Steve Zeoli asserts, “I am not a historian” and then proves himself wrong. Although the book is far from a complete history of Mount Independence, the material it covers is thoughtful, accurate, and enlivened by quotes from Washington, John Adams, Anthony Wayne, and doctors and soldiers who served on Lake Champlain.

I am grateful to the Vermont Historical Society for deeming my book worthy of attention, and to Ennis for taking the trouble to tell our part of the world about it. Thank you.

Congratulations to Boston 1775

If you’re interested in the Revolutionary War or early America, you should make a regular trip to Boston 1775, the blog by historian J.L. Bell. The site recently had its one millionth page view (I think my site is working on its hundreth or so).

I want to thank Mr. Bell for mentioning my book, Mount Independence, in his blog post marking his site’s milestone, which you can read here.

Congratulations J.L. Bell, your site is terrific.


Add the Book Shed…

… in Benson, Vermont, to the list of places you can purchase my book, Mount Independence. That’s The Book Shed.

My book really is for sale!

You can find my book Mount Independence: The enduring legacy of a unique historic place on sale at area bookshops,* including the gift shop at Fort Ticonderoga. Woo hoo!

Fort Ticonderoga bookshelf

My book is for sale at the Fort Ticonderoga gift shop.

*You can also find the book at the Vermont Book Shop in Middlebury, The Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon, and the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, as well as at the gift shops at Mount Independence, the Hubbardton Battlefield, and the Bennington Battle Monument state historic sites.

Book now available at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont

I am pleased that the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester is now stocking my book, Mount Independence. Please support local bookstores, especially independent shops like Northshire, the Vermont Book Shop, and the Briggs Carriage Book Shop, which are also carrying the book.

Mount Independence — the book — now available

I’m pleased to announce that my short history of Mount Independence is now in print. You can buy a copy at the Mount Independence State Historic Site Visitor’s Center, and from the Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon. I expect to be able to add to the list of retail locations, so stay tuned.

See this page for more information about the book.