Reviewers like “Mount Independence”

I’ve been pleased and grateful for the nice reviews and comments from readers of Mount Independence.

Willard Sterne Randall, author of Ethan Allen: His Life and Times, has this to say about the book:

Since 1979, Steve Zeoli has studied and sometimes singlehandedly safeguarded Mount Independence and its unique and important history. His book poignantly brings back to life the long-ago struggle of thousands of brave men who fought and died, often unnoticed, at this key defensive outpost to preserve a new nation at its moment of birth—and he eloquently implores us to help preserve its invaluable legacy.

And Winn Taplin, former president of the Vermont Historical Society, says this:

In Mount Independence, Stephen Zeoli has written the story of a special place, now revered by Vermonters, that early in the American Revolution became the focus of world forces that faced each other in the North American wilderness.  Zeoli’s story is very well written and provides an informal but accurate sketch of the why, when, and how of the creation of the Mount Independence fortress.  As well, Zeoli’s book serves as a very useful starting point and guide for anyone learning the story and/or visiting Mount Independence.

The book was reviewed in the Summer/Fall 2012 issue of Vermont History: The Journal of the Vermont Historical Society:

Two times, author Steve Zeoli asserts, “I am not a historian” and then proves himself wrong. Although the book is far from a complete history of Mount Independence, the material it covers is thoughtful, accurate, and enlivened by quotes from Washington, John Adams, Anthony Wayne, and doctors and soldiers who served on Lake Champlain.

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